Picture of Moose Pass SignThe Moose Pass Sportsman’s Club was formed in 1947 with the intent of developing an indoor shooting range, but through time it has evolved into a broader civic organization. 

The MPSC originally met in a quonset hut that the State of Alaska had given the community, after WWII, prior to the building of the current block community hall. This was located across the street from the Methodist Church bell tower.  It had been mounted on 55-gallon drums and wood, which made the building unstable.

On December 3, 1953, Wayne & Aletha Racine gave the MPSC the land for the current building. Lloyd Dean also gave the MPSC 40’ of land on July 25, 1953. The current Block Building was completed on November 13, 1961. Locals all pitched in and purchased blocks in order to pay for the current community hall. They paid about 25 or 35 cents for each block they purchased.  The MPSC was given a discounted shipping rate to have the blocks delivered.  

The MPSC was eventually incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1984.


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