The Moose Pass Library

The Moose Pass Library is one of the oldest nonprofits in the state of Alaska and has a continuous history from nearly the time of the community founding. The MPSC provides the facility for the library and has pledged to continue this relationship into the future.

Currently the library supports distance education in collaboration with the MP School. It is also open and available to homeschooled children. The library has over 8,000 books, Internet and faxing services for public use. The Library is proud to be a part of the OWL program which allows us to communicate with other libraries around the world. We are also able to have video conferences, trainings, and much more. Come visit us!

*To volunteer, please stop in at the library or give us a call.

For more information contact us: 907-288-3111



Hours of operation may vary.


Moose Pass Sportsmen's Club
PO Box 72
Moose Pass AK, 99631

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